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Odor Neutralizer


Neutralizing odors from air, hard surfaces and fabrics – Naturally. 


Odor neutralizer, not a masking agent like air fresheners, which use perfumes or fragrances to cover odors.


Keeps on working for hours after air fresheners dissipate.


Ideal for the laundry room, bathroom and kitchen.


Family Safe – 100% natural ingredients technology.

Ideal for laundry rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Traditional air fresheners are usually packaged in aerosol cans and have flammable or toxic propellants to disperse the product. That’s why we offer our product in a non-aerosol package. You also will receive the benefits of a more economical product that actually works. Generally, air fresheners use a fragrance or perfume to mask the odorous smell. The reason for this is that the product does not have the ability to neutralize the odor permanently; therefore, they must use fragrances or perfumes (masking agents) to fool you in believing the odor is gone. But, the odor re-appears. Pure Earth™ Complete Odor Neutralizer is a odor neutralizer meaning it neutralizes the odor rather than only masking it. And, of course, it is Family-Safe with all-natural ingredients. Pure Earth™ Complete Odor Neutralizer was designed and formulated for large hotel chains that were experiencing problems with a variety of odors from cigar smoke to refuse containers. Regular odor neutralizers were not totally effective and had to be re-applied several times per day. An additional issue was that most of the conventional air fresheners have perfumes and only “masked” the original odors causing additional problems with compatibility of fragrance and people with allergens to fragrances. Pure Earth™ Complete Odor Neutralizer offers a complete solution with one product to eliminate foul odors as well as to satisfy employees and guests with a fragrance-free product.

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