• Naturally-safe while removing algae from virtually any surface.

  • Easy to use with no hard scrubbing or power washing.

  • Better than bleach -- reaches deep to completely kill algae.

  • 100% natural ingredients using new bio chemical technology

Fantastic for siding, fences and decks. Naturally removes algae from a variety of surfaces. Easy to use with no difficult scrubbing or damaging power-washing. Simply spray and leave. Bleach does not remove algae – it simply bleaches the algae and requires pain-staking scrubbing and rinsing. Bleach treatments only last a few weeks, and algae will re-appear. Pure Earth™ Algae Knock Out lasts up to six months. And, of course, it is Family-Safe with all-natural ingredients. Pure Earth™ Algae Knock-Out was formulated for large amusement theme parks that have algae covering many structures. The standard solution was to paint or bleach the structures on a daily basis which was labor and material-intensive. Of course, bleach is not effective against algae and other fungi type compounds and, due to the large content of water used with this solution, actually intensives the growth of algae. Pure Earth™ Algae Knock-Out provides a product that only has to be used twice a year and covers 1,000 square feet per gallon resulting in both labor and material savings.


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